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Parent Letter Regarding Move

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope this letter finds everyone doing well.  We want to share an exciting and important update with you regarding our move to Palo Alto College.  After working through all the logistics this semester, a decision has been made to move our entire campus (9th-12th grade) to Palo Alto beginning in Spring 2024.  

We are a small campus community and as we discussed the move over the past five months, it became more apparent that separating our students and staff was not the best decision for our tight-knit community.  Moving all of our students at the same time will allow us to continue doing cross collaboration among all grade levels and allow us to continue to provide the best support for our students as one campus.  This transition represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing your child(ren) with an exceptional education that prepares them for the future. We believe that offering them an experience on a college campus will not only enrich their academic journey but also empower them to become more independent and better prepared for the challenges of higher education and the workforce.  

Here are the key details of our transition:

  • Location Change: Starting January 9, 2024, all students will report to Palo Alto College, which is located at 1400 W. Villaret Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78224. We have carefully selected this college campus due to our strong partnership as well as its exceptional facilities, resources, and opportunities for our students.
  • Curriculum Enhancement: The move to a college campus will provide our students with access to a broader range of courses, advanced facilities, and expert faculty. This will enable them to explore their academic interests in greater depth and prepare them for the rigors of higher education.
  • College Life Experience: By being situated on a college campus, your child will gain valuable insights into the college experience, including interactions with college students, participation in extracurricular activities, and exposure to a more diverse and stimulating environment.
  • Support Services: Rest assured that we will continue to provide a strong support system for our students. Our staff and teachers will be readily available to guide them through the transition and ensure their success.
  • Transportation: We will continue to make transportation arrangements to and from the college campus for all in-district students.

We understand that this transition may raise some questions or concerns, and we are committed to addressing them. To provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have, we will be hosting an informational meeting on Wednesday, November 8 at 5:30 pm in the CAST STEM High School Cafeteria. We encourage all parents and guardians, especially those of 9th & 10th grade students, to attend this meeting.

Through a series of parent meetings, we have generated a list of questions and answers for parents that is linked here.  If you have additional questions, feel free to submit them to this Google Form and we will continue to add to this document.  We want to make sure all your questions are answered!  

We believe this move to a college campus will be a transformative experience for our students and one that will set them on a path to future success. We will soon be inviting students representing each of our grade levels to be a part of a committee that will ensure that we make this move in the most positive, student-centered manner possible.  We thank you for your continued support in our mission to provide the best education possible for your child(ren).