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Palo Alto Transition
Questions from Parents & Students
What will breakfast and lunches look like?
SWISD will be providing breakfast and lunch on a daily basis and students will have a dedicated space to eat.

Will there be a microwave for food to heat up?
Yes, microwaves will be available.

How will you keep high school students separate from college Palo Alto students?
Students will be integrated into PAC classes and will have classes with college students as well as other dual credit students.

Will they be dropped off and picked up from Palo Alto?
Transportation will continue to be provided for all in-district students.  Students will be dropped off and picked up from PAC.  More info to come on transportation routes.

Will bus transportation be provided?
Yes, for students living within Southwest ISD boundaries.

Will students be able to see all their teachers from CAST or is everyone separated because of different grade levels?
All staff will be at the Palo Alto campus on a daily basis.  Courses taught by CAST STEM teachers will be in the San Marcos Hall and San Jacinto Building for Science classes.

How will the students be transported to Southwest to participate in band and color guard?
We will be working with transportation to get students to their respective campuses (Southwest HS or Legacy HS) to participate in extracurricular activities they have already committed to.

Will parent-teacher meetings take place at Palo Alto?
Parent/teacher meetings will be held at Palo Alto College.  Virtual meetings will also continue to be an option.

Will tutoring still be available?
Yes, tutoring will continue to be available for all students.

What does tutoring look like at Palo Alto College? 
In addition to tutoring provided by CAST STEM teachers, dual credit students will have access to all tutoring services provided at Palo Alto College.

What activities will be available after school at Palo Alto?
CAST STEM will continue to offer clubs and organizations after school, and we will share the meeting schedule with all of our families once it is created.

Will dual enrollment students at Palo Alto take classes like history, speech, and government with instructors face-to-face, or will it be in the same format as before?
Face-to-face offerings are the first choice for all dual credit students.  However, if there are scheduling conflicts, students will meet with our counselor to determine the best course option.
What do we do if we want to talk to an instructor at Palo Alto College?  
Students are encouraged to communicate with their instructors on a regular basis, especially if they have a question or concern.  If a parent wants to talk to the instructor, there is a FERPA release form for students (linked HERE). Students can sign and have the option to release all information or only certain information.

For students who drive, do they need a parking pass for Palo Alto College? 
No, Palo Alto College does not require a parking permit. 

Would the district allow students to buy food items from the vendors on campus?
Yes, students may purchase food from any vendors on campus but are not allowed to leave the campus anytime during the day.

What will be the dress code? 
CAST STEM students should follow the SWISD dress code policy. Students will not be required to wear a uniform but will be required to wear an ID at all times.