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Staff Directory

Position Name Email
Principal  Jacqueline Rodriguez [email protected]
 Academic Dean Dr. Mario Duran   [email protected]
Counselor  Catherine Hoffman   [email protected]
  Student Support Services  
 Mentorship Coordinator Michelle Triplett  [email protected] 
CIS Kristi Parson [email protected]
 Social Worker  Siva Taswell-wood [email protected]  
  Administrative Support  
 Attendance Clerk Yolanda Gonzalez [email protected]
Secretary Carmen Ng [email protected]
Course Name Email
Dual Credit Theatre Art Jose DeHoyos [email protected]
PATH College & Career Readiness 9th Grade Jeanette Castro  [email protected] 
Spanish  Kelly Aguilar [email protected]  
  English Department  
Course Name Email
AP English Lit
English IV
English IV D
Aaron Patino [email protected]
English I Hon
English II Hon
Desiree Brown [email protected]
 English II Hon
English II
Jeanette Castro  [email protected]
  Career & Technical Education Department  
Course Name Email
BMGT 1301
LGMT 1319
LGMT 1325
LMGT 1323
MRKG 1311
Principles of Dis. Log
Rick Rios [email protected]
 ITSC 1309
Practicum of STEM
Chad Kailipaka  [email protected]
  Math Department  
Course Name Email
Precalculus H
Melisa Walters [email protected]
Cali1/Cali2 DC
Cali1/Cali2 DC
Miguel Reyes  [email protected] 
  Social Studies Department  
Course Name Email
Economics (D)
Physical Education
Marco Perez [email protected]
CETT 1302
BMGT 1331
PTAC 1302
TX Govt D
US History DC 
 Niquita Rox [email protected]
AP US History/Government
Scott Sleeter [email protected]
 AP US History
US History
 Sarah Skidmore [email protected] 
 AP Human Geography
AP World History
World History

 Bryanna Zamarron
[email protected] 
  Science Department  
Course Name Email
Environ. Sustain
Yamilett Pilar [email protected]
  Custodial and Cafeteria Department  
  Name Email
Head Custodian Miguel Estrada [email protected]
Cafeteria Manager